Win-win relationships.

We believe in win-win relationships. These relationships are created by integrity and solid communication. We believe in providing great and diligent work. With win-win relationships, the customer feels great about their decision, their agreement and their investment. Bear Country feels great about doing business with people that we can help. We want to make a difference in your life personally and the business overall. Win-win or no deal!

A Variety of Services

pipe welding services
pressure vessels
pressure piping
research and development services
structural welding
custom furniture
interior and exterior handrails
stainless steel and aluminum
custom trailers and repair
Snow Removal/Plowing
Hauling/Hotshot Trucking Services

Win-win or no deal!

Bear Country Welding and Bear Country Services is located in Greeley, Colorado. We are proud to serve Northern Colorado. From welding and fabrication services, to hauling and snow removal services, Bear Country is here to serve you and your needs. We are proud to be a small business in the heart of Weld County.

We are founded on passion, customer relations and integrity.

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We are founded on passion, customer relations, and integrity.
We provide mobile and in-shop structural welding, pipe welding and other custom work.  We are excited and motivated to meet the needs of our customers!

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Why Bear Country Welding is different……

At Bear Country Welding, our main purpose is to create win-win relationships in everything we do! We will not work until the customer is in complete agreement with the task at hand. No matter what we are doing: new construction, a repair, or research and development. We want every customer to walk away with a feeling of amazement about their business choice. We strive to make sure every customer is benefited by our service. We believe in no bad contract or agreement.