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Bear Country School of Welding.

Come learn how to weld! We have over 20 years of in-shop, field, structural, pipe, and fabrication experience.

No matter the circumstance we want to accommodate you and lead you to success! We offer anywhere from 1 hour classes to programs that will help you to a certification in 5 months or less!

Welding types we train include: stick, tig, mig, 1G flat position, 2G horizontal position, 3G Vertical position, 4G overhead position structural, and up to a 6G pipe certification. We also train in aluminum and stainless steel welding processes when requested.

We are not an accredited welding school and here is why: In the welding industry, (no matter what company you work for) they will make you take a welding test that you must pass. This is regardless of what school you went to, how much money you spent, and what certifications you have. Bear Country School of welding will prepare you for a career as a professional welder and fabricator.

Let us help you reach your goals and live your dreams!

Why Bear Country Welding School?

We guarantee to save you some serious bucks through our program! We still give you the quality, value and expertise in welding and fabrication of other programs with high price tags. We allow you to get your foot into the door by giving you real world experience in the welding industry. We will train you in a perfect scenario and a non-perfect scenario to give you the most real world experiences. Most companies want to know that you have passed a certification of a specific type and have some experience before they even give you an opportunity to get hired on. That is where Bear Country Welding School provides that opportunity for you! Experience and knowledge is key to anyone hiring a new welder. Let us help you start an awesome career!

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