Bear Country Welding offers a range of sizes for our aluminum stairways, aluminum extension ladders and aluminum extension staircases.
We have recognized a need and what we believe is a necessity for safety. Our “Elevate Your Life” aluminum stairways and extension ladders apply to a range of industries from oil and gas, civil construction, farming, dairies, and many other industries across the world. The use of ladders is certainly necessary in some situations.

Situations where several people are using extension ladders multiple times in a day, is the perfect scenario where “Elevate Your Life” aluminum stairways, ladders and staircases fit!

Our aluminium stairways provide a lightweight, manageable way to get to the next level.

Our stairs provide max traction to avoid slips, trips, and falls. (Which is the number one cause of injury in the workplace!) Our stairways range from a 5”, 7”,9 3/4” and 12” stair. They range in width depending on the request of our customers. Our traditional and most popular stairs are engineered and approved to meet all structural and safety codes. These stairways scope out from 8ft to 15 ft with a rise of 10ft max. These stairways weigh 160 pounds and can be moved easily and set easily multiple times offering a safe and efficient way to get to the next level. Our 5” stair model weighs 135 pounds within the same capabilities. These stairways can be set as a permanent and long-term stairway or a temporary staircase that can move from job to job. Ask us how Elevate Your Life stairways can streamline your business, create efficiency, and keep everyone safe!

Bear-country welding elevate-your-life stairway greeley-colorado-aluminium-stairwaysBear-country-welding aluminium stairways  elevate-your-life-stairway-greeley-colorado-1Bear-country-welding-elevate-your-life-stairway-greeley-colorado-aluminium-stairwaysBear-country-welding-elevate-your-life-stairway-greeley-colorado-aluminium-stairways

8-16 Foot Sliding Extension Stairways
For smaller spans between the ground and your rig. Walk up safely with the integrated handrails and safety chain hooks to ensure the stairs stay where you put them.

24-48 Foot Sliding Extension Stairways
For the big gaps that need reliable portable access, our 48 foot models are light enough to lift with a rope and strong back, and strong enough to support a 300 lb load.

Custom Fixed-Length Stairways
If you have a fixed-length gap that needs a stable and safe access stairway, we will create one customized for your need. Handrails are optional on shorter lengths.

Why we stand out from the rest:
Fully Engineered Staircases
Integrated Safety Features
Priced to compete

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