Plowing Services

Bear Country Services offers snow removal services. Our Hiniker hydraulic plow can cover a lot of ground! Whether we are plowing, shoveling, or pushing snow with a snow blower we are here to clear snow from your lot, driveways or roads. Contact us for a no obligation estimate.

Bear Country Snow Plowing Greeley Colorado

Bear Country Services is your choice for quality and safety in snow removal and plowing.

When we clear snow from your lot, parking area or country road, we discuss in advance where you want to pile the snow. We will not leave large piles of snow in areas that you do not want it!

We work to try to keep water drains and catch basins clear at all times.
We do not stack snow by the road so as not to block the visibility of vehicles coming or leaving the parking areas.
We use extra caution when plowing next to parked cars.
If you are responsible for sidewalks, we can shovel those first before we start plowing (we offer shoveling services!)  This is so the snow can be plowed away.

There’s no substitute for doing a quality and safe job.